Forest Byung-Ju Bong
Artwork by Byung-ju Bong

Magical Environments From Seoul Concept Artist Byung-ju Bong

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The illustrative artist Byung-ju Bong certainly has a way with lighting and perspective. His work oscillates between realistic concept art and stylish illustration/visual development art.

His ArtStation page hosts a handful of environment work with impeccable use of light, color, and tone. This gallery is a small collection of Byung-ju’s work for digital painting inspiration.

I can’t find any other links or websites about Byung-ju’s artwork but his ArtStation does have some more work.

China Castle

oriental castle vis dev illustration
Original source

Aztec Civilization

aztec civilization concept art environment
Original source

Babarian Forest

barbarian warrior forest environment art
Original source

Red Blood Project

red blood project concept art
Original source

Silver Anvil Village

silver anville village concept art
Original source

Snowy Fields

snowy fields concept art environments
Original source

Russian Tanks

environments war in russia tanks
Original source

Antios Castle

antios castle environment concept art
Original source

Gargoyle Temple

gargoyle concept art temple environment
Original source

Industrial Tank

environment building industrial war tank
Original source

Fantasy Kingdom

age of mercenaries environment
Original source

Water City

city underwater abandoned environment art
Original source

Dark Dungeon

pk zone dungeon interior design
Original source

Underground Prison

underground prisons environment art
Original source