dawn pu concept painting
Temple of King by Dawn Pu

Environment Paintings by Shanghai Artist Dawn Pu

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The world of concept art is vast and mostly known to the western world from game studios in North America. But the Asian video game market is just as vast – perhaps even more than western counterparts.

The work of Shanghai artist Dawn Pu is both masterfully technical and breathtaking. His specialty is environment art for video games and visual development concepts.

While he lists himself available for freelance work on ArtStation, he does not link to a personal website or offer many details about himself.

However his work is exquisite and if you’re interested in environment concept art design his execution is worthy of emulation. You can click any of these images to see the fullsize version in his portfolio.

And to find more check out his ArtStation page or his profile on DrawCrowd.

Yu Quan Yuan

yu quan yuan

Eternal Arena

eternal arena

Tian Xiang D3

tian xiang d3 art environment

Camping Setup

simple eternal arena tent


temple fire walk lamps


air craft carrier tech environment

Dragon Bone

dead dragon bone remains

Undersea Fortress

underwater castle fortress


flooding asian environment

Uncharted (Fan Art)

custom uncharted art dawnpu


oriental compound aerial view


seaside temple environment


tibet sand environment

Temple of King

temple of kings

On The Ground

three kings background video game

Chinese Garden

chinese garden environment

Web Game BG

game background environment

Winter Pass

winter mountain temple environment

All art from this gallery is owned & credited to Dawn Pu.