Awesome Ed, Edd n Eddy Production Artwork on Instagram

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Cory Toomey is a storyboard artist that happened to work as a props designer on the Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd n Eddy.

He recently started an Instagram account with the username @dawn_of_the_eds where he posts official production sketches, outfits, props, and other artwork from the decade-long cartoon series. His first upload was in early December 2015.

So far the account has amassed ~100 posts – often with new content uploaded daily. Credit is given to the artist whenever possible and it seems the artwork just keeps flowing!

pencil sketch eene artwork cartoon network
eddy eyes sketch drawing
old EEnE storyboard drawing

Cory has his own Instagram account @effintoomey along with a small online portfolio as well.

If you’re a fan of EEnE then be sure to check out his Dawn of the Eds production art account and let him know what you think!

dawn of the eds toomey instagram