jungle forest concept art
Created by Andreas Rocha

Jungle Environment Paintings for Concept Art Inspiration

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Green lush jungle environments are often deceiving. They seem safe but can be the epitome of a dangerous adventure.

Movies and video games use jungle landscapes to promote a place of natural dangers. Jungles can be like mazes with many paths leading in confusing circles. This curated gallery of jungle environment art is the best resource for inspiration when designing your own ideas.

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The Jungle Dragon

jungle lush dragon environment art
Created by Math Roodhuizen

Rocket Ship Jungle

rocket ship jungle concept art
Created by Julie Barbin

The Jungle Shrine

deep jungle roots shrine building
Created by Paulina Sajniak

Jungle Waterfall

jungle waterfall flowing lush trees art environment
Created by Anik Biswas

Jungle Temple

rock solid temple in the jungle building
Created by George Brad

Debris Temple

temple surrounded by debris in jungle
Created by Michele Nucera

Deep Jungle

deep jungle stream running water environment
Created by Boriana Atanasova

Cave in the Jungle

cave deep in the jungle concept
Created by Dan Zhao

Jungle Beast

jungle beast kraken octopus creature
Created by Ingrid Sasu

Uncharted Jungle

uncharted jungle environment concept art
Created by SiChen Wang

Deep Jungle

flowing water deep in jungle
Created by Andreas Rocha

Lost in the jungle

crash jungle airplane environment art
Created by Michele Nucera

The Jungle Book

disney jungle book concept art ideas
Created by Vance Kovacs

Alien Jungle

alien jungle concept art environment
Created by Colin Geller

Long Forgotten

long forgotten ancient temple environment
Created by Tsvetelin Krastev

Wooden Jungle

wooden tree jungle limbs concepts
Created by Clement Tingry

Long Since Forgotten

long forgotten crypt jungle concept environment
Created by Victoriya Anda

Lost Civilization

lost ancient civilization environment art
Created by Derrick Song

Jungle Temple

jungle temple concept art environment
Created by Salvo Lo Iacono

Jungle Environment

lush leaves trees jungle concept art
Created by Hasan Dadah


classic ruins environment art inspiration
Created by Mateusz Muszyński

The Spirit Temple

spirit temple environment concept art
Created by Steve Palmerton

Temple Adventure

temple monkey adventure jungle environment
Created by Yog Joshi

Dense Jungle

dense jungle landscape waterfall forest
Created by Nezu Panda

Deep Jungle

deep lush jungle rendered concept art
Created by Maciej Sikora

Jungle Mystery

mystery jungle colorful mystical art
Created by Jeremy Roland

Goblin Path

water stream goblin path in the forest
Created by Ashish Lama

Jungle Village

huts in jungle village environment art
Created by Alexander Chelyshev

Primordial Jungle

primordial jungle environment art lighting
Created by Adrian Andriasi

Forest Trolls

forest trolls path environment art
Created by Chirag Tripathy

Jungle Game Art

jungle game art concept designs colorful
Created by Tihomir Nyagolov

Site of Ruins

jungle ruins overgrowth rendered environment
Created by Maciej Sikora

Aerial Temple

aerial view concept art temple
Created by Thuan Huynh

Jungle Community

dark jungle community branches huts homes
Created by Braden Matt

Torn Ruins

jungle ruins concept art deep shadows
Created by Tsvetelin Krastev

Yavin Jungle

star wars jungle concept ideas digital painting
Created by Clinton Young

Mystic Jungle

stream in jungle mystical environment
Created by Li Ming

Beams of Light

sunlight beams through jungle environment
Created by Jean Gueissaz