Calling All Guest Writers: Contribute A Post

Do you have a great article or story idea for CAE? We’re more than willing to publish quality guest posts related to digital art, animation, illustration, concept art, or anything similar.

You do not need any direct experience in the field, although it’s a huge bonus! We try to only publish articles that actually add value to our blog. So whether you’re sharing drawing exercises or freelancing tips, please make sure you write a piece that’s insightful and valuable.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for guest posts. However we do have some general guidelines:

  • Try to hit at least 1000 words(or more!)
  • Write in a personal style
  • Break up content into headers
  • Keep paragraphs short(no more than 4 sentences)
  • Add plenty of photos if applicable

We can’t pay for posts but every contributor will get full credit including a small bio with links to their portfolio, blog, and/or social accounts.

We’ll keep chugging away and posting the best possible content we can find. And if you want to contribute to add some of your own spice into the blog then we’re more than happy to work with you!

If you’d like to contribute a guest post you can send us a message through the contact page. We don’t check e-mail every day but we do check often enough that we should return your message quickly.