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Best Art Magazines: A Complete List For Digital & Traditional Artists

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It may seem like print is dying but there are hundreds of great magazines still in circulation.

Many people just like the tangible feel of something in their hands. Not to mention it’s nice getting away from technology for a bit.

While there aren’t a ton of art magazines out there, I do think there are plenty worth subscribing to.

This list features some of the best art magazines for inspiration, guided tutorials, artist interviews, product reviews, and so much more.

If you want a new artsy subscription dropped at your door on a regular basis then this post is sure to have something you’ll love.

Best Digital Art Magazines

Let’s start by focusing just on the top digital art magazines.

This includes everything related to digital drawing & painting along with 3D magazines for digital 3D artwork. Everything here is still in circulation as of this writing but many of these are timely periodicals.

So you’ll find a mix of zines that come out each month or each quarter depending on the publisher.


ImagineFX Magazine

There’s no denying that ImagineFX is the source for digital art inspiration. It has to be the most well-known art magazine to date since it’s been around for well over a decade.

The first issue came out in January 2006 and it’s been going strong ever since.

ImagineFX typically covers a variety of topics all related to digital drawing and painting. It also touches entertainment art like character design, animation, visual development art and classic illustration work.

Here’s a brief list of topics covered by ImagineFX:

  • Anime/manga
  • Fantasy paintings
  • Animation artwork
  • Game artwork
  • Comics of all styles

If you’d like to learn more just visit the main page for the magazine on Creative Bloq’s website.

From there you can subscribe to digital editions, print editions, or even both if you’re feeling feisty.

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Character Design Quarterly

CDQ Magazine Cover

The brilliant Character Design Quarterly first launched in 2017 and it has become one of my absolute favorites.

As you can guess from the name, this magazine covers everything related to character design. But it’s not just a character design magazine.

It’s actually a resource for all digital arts whether you design backgrounds, book illustrations, or want to work in the game or movie industries.

The magazine is published by the incredible team at 3DTotal Publishing and they do a fantastic job on content. The pages are very well designed and the interviews are out of this world.

We actually did a full review of the 1st issue of the magazine so you can check that out to learn a bit more and get a peek of what’s inside.

And if you want to buy individual issues they can be found on Amazon for both new releases and past editions.

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Photoshop Creative

Photoshop Creative has to be one of the oldest magazines out there in the digital art space.

It’s not meant to be just a digital art mag since it covers everything related to Photoshop. That means you’ll find a mix of logo tutorials, photo editing strategies, and even typography design tips.

But in my experience the vast majority of content in this magazine targets digital artists.

Content includes guides for illustrators and vector artists who work with the pen tool along with aspiring digital painters. Same goes for most of the tutorials that show you how to create digital portraits, alter lighting, and so many other cool techniques.

I simply cannot praise this magazine enough.

It really is the single best magazine for anyone getting into Photoshop, or even professionals who just want to up their PS game.

Check out the main page for more details including subscription info. You’ll save a lot if you subscribe for one year and over that 12-month period there’s a lot to look forward to.

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2DArtist Magazine(Digital Only)

2DArtist Magazine

Here’s another brilliant magazine from the folks at 3DTotal.

Only difference is that 2dartist comes as a digital-only publication. No print option.

Still I have to say this magazine is awesome for anyone who does digital drawing or painting. Inside every issue is a bunch of detailed tutorials spanning the gamut from Photoshop to Krita.

There’s also lots of freebies like brushes and videos to check out for enhancing your painting skills.

Only trouble is that this magazine was put on hiatus so it hasn’t had any new issues in a while.

You can see the full list of 2dartist magazines here if you’d want to order a past edition. They’re all digital so the tutorials are super easy to follow along right from your computer.

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3D Artist

3D Artist Mag Cover

Moving into the 3D side of things we have 3D Artist Magazine. This is basically the perfect magazine for anyone who loves 3D modeling, rendering, digital sculpting, all of that.

The best part about 3D Artist is all the targeted material. Basically everything in this magazine will prove useful to anyone who works with 3D art. Doesn’t really matter what you do—it’s covered.

Not to mention all the amazing tutorials on Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Rhino, Mudbox, the works.

You don’t see too many 3D magazines out there so I’m really glad 3D Artist is still in production. I’m also glad to see the wide range of software covered in each issue.

And ultimately that’s the biggest to subscribe: the wide variety of techniques you can pick up. Especially if you’re fairly new to 3D software and wanna learn how the pros do it.

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3D World

3D World Magazine

Now another option you might like better is 3D World.

This comes from the same company that publishes ImagineFX so you know the content is tops.

3D World has much of the same setup where you’ll find tutorials, guides, interfaces, tips/tricks and reviews of the latest software.

With so much software out there it can be tough to know where to start. But you really will find a little bit of everything in 3D World with advice on Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D and a whole lot more.

The tutorials span many difficulties so you’ll find guides for absolute newbies and more experienced artists alike. I’d say it’s right on par with 3D Artist so if you’re into general 3D works, you can’t go wrong with either one.

If you visit the main subscription page you’ll see a link underneath the magazine’s cover that reads “take a peek inside”.

That should give you all the info you need to decide if this magazine would be a valuable asset to show up at your house every month.

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Best Traditional Art Magazines

We’ve covered all the best digital magazines but that’s only half the story.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best magazines for traditional art. This includes all mediums from basic graphite pencil drawing to more advanced oil painting or watercolor painting. And basically everything else inbetween.

Artist’s Magazine

Artists Magazine Cover

One of the oldest and most beloved magazines for all traditional work has to be Artist’s Magazine.

This is a pretty cheap subscription and each issue is packed full of tips for many levels of artists.
Although I do personally think this magazine slants towards more experienced artists/painters, a beginner could really enjoy reading through each issue.

They only release 10 issues a year so your subscription will skip a few months. But every issue is packed full of tutorials, interviews, museum exhibits, everything you could ever hope to find in an art magazine.

Plus this is one of the few magazines that truly caters to all artists.

Doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or what kind of work you want to do. You’ll always find something interested in Artist’s Magazine to pique your curiosity.

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Graphite Magazine

Graphite Magazine

The new Graphite Magazine covers everything art-related that you can do with a pencil.

Don’t let the name fool you: it’s not just graphite.

Well, it’s mostly graphite.

But many issues will include sections on charcoal and even carbon pencils too. This is a real drawer’s magazine focused solely on drawing.

This magazine comes to us from the amazing 3D Total Publishing team so you can find previous issues right on their website. Or you can order issues from Amazon if you’re looking for past editions.

Note this magazine took the spot I had reserved for Drawing Magazine which was a personal favorite for some time. It looks like they no longer make Drawing Magazine, or at least don’t offer it in print, so I’m not sure if you can find that at all nowadays.

Still Graphite is superb and it’s a really nice magazine for all artists, digital and traditional. It’s published as a quarterly magazine so you get four issues a year.

That should be just enough to keep you excited for each new edition without breaking the bank.

If you want to learn more about Graphite Magazine check out their FAQ page. Or you can read our full review of Graphite #6 to get a peek inside.

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PleinAir Painting Magazine

With a subscription to PleinAir Magazine you’ll get 6 issues per year, one every-other month, covering the beauty of landscape painting.

There’s nothing quite like painting in the great outdoors and that’s what makes PleinAir such a unique magazine for artists.

You may not have any interest in working outdoors or painting landscapes. And that’s totally okay!

But many traditional artists specialize in landscapes whether it’s with oil, watercolor, or even pastels. There’s so much to love about PleinAir from tips & tricks to valuable interviews with professional landscape artists.

Highly recommend checking this out if you’re into plein air painting. Or even if you want to get into it but haven’t felt confident enough, this magazine can really boost your drive and encourage you to get out there and lay brush to canvas.

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Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Arist Cover

Traditional magazines tend to be a little cheaper than digital ones. I’m not sure why that is but if you are into more traditional stuff look into Watercolor Artist for less than $4 an issue.

Every single issue comes with gorgeous prints of watercolor paintings including tutorials for new & experienced artists alike.

There’s also a good amount of research that goes into each release with interviews and product reviews. New watercolor sets, brush makers, easels, everything you’d want to know about working in water-based media.

Note this is also a bi-monthly magazine so you’ll get 6 issues per year when you do a full yearly subscription.

Considering the price I’d have to say it’s pretty darn reasonable and impressive.

If you’re curious to dive into painting or to up your game with watercolors this magazine is a must-have subscription.

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Southwest Art

Southwest Art Cover

The Southwest Art magazine is more of your typical art lover’s paradise.

It does not share tons of guides or tutorials for artists. Instead this is more of a display piece showcasing the best artists from the western world, living and dead. Mostly living.

Lots of profiles on individual artists showing their techniques and their specialties. You also get to dive into and experience a unique take on styles like Americana, impressionism, realism and so much more.

This magazine comes in the same bi-monthly publishing schedule with a pretty cheap price tag.

If you want to skip all those trips to museums(or if you just can’t make it out) then Southwest Art is a fine way to keep up with American artists.

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International Artist

International Artists mag

If you’re still looking for that perfect well-rounded art magazine then I highly recommend International Artist.

This also comes as a bi-monthly magazine so you’ll get 6 issues a year with one subscription. Not too shabby considering how much variety is packed into each one.

International Artist Magazine aims to please the traditional studio artist who wants to keep up with the art world. This could be someone who loves painting for fun, or someone who does real professional work in their own art studio.

Each magazine offers tips for artists along with simple tutorials for editing reference photos in Photoshop, working with certain subjects, and even tips on how to sell your work to make a living.

But the hobbyist can find a lot to appreciate in here as well.

Most issues get into great detail on happenings in the art scene with news from around the world. Wanna know the hottest pieces that sold in art galleries? Wanna keep up with the latest exhibits at your favorite museums?

International Artist has all of that and plenty more.

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