cavern environment concept
Artwork by Joo Ann

Cave & Cavern Environments For Digital Art Inspiration

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Dark caves, dank caverns, underground lairs… they all give a similar feeling and they’re quite popular in game design.

If you’re looking for new practice ideas for digital art why not try a cave environment? These dingy areas force you to consider lighting and unique designs for organic interiors.

This gallery is full of incredible cave concept design work and it can get you started with some brilliant ideas.

Crystal Cave

crystal cave environment
Created by Adam Rehmann

Catacomb Cavern

catacombs painting
Created by Nele Diel / © 2017 Gordon Alford

Little Project

small cave environment
Created by Trepka Petkova

Game Cave

lighting in a cave
Created by André Balmet

Personal Project

dark blue cave design
Created by Laure Hélène Vivaux

Egyptian Cavern

matte egyptian tomb cave
Created by Colin RuddArtStation

Journey From Beneath

competition cave design
Created by Bruce BrenneiseArtStation

Caribbean Hideout

3d cave environment design
Created by Hannu Koivuranta

Obsidian Tomb

brilliant tomb interior cavern
Created by Christian Bravery

Dragon’s Lair

LOTR Dragon's Lair Entrance
Created by Ilya Nazarov

Get Out

Purple Cave Creature
Created by Thiago Baltar

Halls of Karba

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Concept Art
Created by Fredrik DahlArtStation

Chthonic Shrine

Hellenic Underworld Subterranean Shrine
Created by Dennis Wong

Personal Work

Dank cavern with a river
Created by Vyacheslav Gluhov

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient underground civilization tower
Created by Robin lhebrard

Transcendence Cave

Transcendence Cave Environment Concept
Created by Daka Dibuja

Diamond Cave

Cavern design made of diamonds
Created by Anthony LemétayerArtStation

Unreal 4 Cavern

Cavern made with Unreal Engine 4
Created by Dave Miragliotta

Ice Cave

LoTR Ice Cavern Design
Created by Ilya NazarovArtStation

A Burning Cave

burning cave demon creatures
Created by Erin Lin


Hell environment cave concept
Created by Luke Paglar

Dragon Bridge

Dragon skeleton bridge concept art
Created by Kamil Tondera

Spida Cave

Dark blue Spida Cave environment concept
Created by Joo Ann

Mushroom Cave

Nur Stonon Loko Mushroom Cave Environment
Created by J Wen

Cave Village

Cave Village Aerial View
Created by Qian Jun Ng

Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found

Ancient Cavern Environment Artwork
Created by Will Marconi