centaur character designs
Centaur designed by Vu Nguyen

Centaur Creature Art Inspiration Gallery

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The half-horse and half-man creature is found throughout history in dozens of fables. The infamous centaur design has taken many styles over the years and it’s a popular creature design for concept artists.

Are you thinking of painting your own centaur design from scratch? Then you’ll definitely want to gather ideas & inspiration for your project.

This gallery should help improve your visual library for centaur designs and give you some motivation to push forward with your own piece.

Centaur Troops

centaur graft studio design
Created by Grafit Studio

Woodland Tracker

archery centaur in woods
Created by Amanda Sharpe

Centaur Blacksmith

centaur blacksmith character concept art
Created by Simone de Paolis

Green Beast

green forest centaur
Created by Maxime Templé

Motaro Fan Art

tail centaur creature art
Created by Rami Ramahi

Sci- Fi Centaur

scifi centaur creature art
Created by Kila Zamana


centaur horse warrior design
Created by Vu Nguyen

Dark Hunter

dark hunter centaur character
Created by Ahmed Rawi

Character Concept

painting character centaur concept
Created by Inkognit / João Fiuza

Horned Centaur

centaur illustration
Created by Kaj Hagström

Tiger Centaur

tiger stripes centaur creature
Created by Michał RachwałPortfolio site

Centaur Archer

centaur tail archer design
Created by Edikt ArtFacebookInstagram

Through Dust and Dawn

through dust dawn centaur creature
Created by Ben Guldemond

Creature Design

digital painting female centaur
Created by Linette L. DerrickPortfolio site


golem centaur wood rock design
Created by Dinulescu Alexandru

Centaur Unicorn

unicorn centaur creature art
Created by Tiphaine JEGO

Full Detail Design

body and face centaur detail
Created by Ronald Orrego León

Character Design Challenge

female centaur character design
Created by Louise des Jam

Guardian of the Forest

illustration concept art design
Created by Michel Verdu

Archer Centaur

centaur creature art
Created by Federica Litrico

Hammer Centaur

horned hammer centaur creature
Created by Andy Milenovic


chiron centaur creature
Created by Alexandra GaudiBuendia Khitrova

Chiron Archer

safari wanderer centaur
Created by Jesse Wood

Centaur Scout

russian centaur scout in mountains
Created by Marco González

Character Design Challenge

character centaur creature art
Created by Rimvydas Gustainis

Centaur Scott

scottish centaur creature
Created by Gary Frederick

Exotic Design

african centaur design
Created by David AlvarezFacebook


custom centaur female design
Created by Xavier LerouxPortfolio site

Dark Style

dark centaur concept art
Created by Ngan Pham