Various female portrait characters
Artwork by Luigi Lucarelli

Character Design Gallery: 60+ Examples Of Concept Art & Portfolio Ideas

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In the world of concept art there isn’t a much more in-demand position than a character designer. And while it is easy to understand the job, it’s a whole other thing to actually practice character work.

Anyone who loves character design has likely already looked into this work. And maybe you’re thinking of putting together a character design portfolio to see if you could land a job in the field.

Well the best way to get aheady is to study other artists and see what they do. Can your work compare? Where could you improve?

Use this character concept gallery as both a source of inspiration and a source of growth.

No matter what stage you’re at in your artistic journey, these character designs are sure to encourage you to keep going and refuel your creativity tank.

Character Designs

Custom creature demon style character
Created by Jason Nguyen

Various Characters

Different human sketches and portraits
Created by Luigi Lucarelli

Girl Character

Cyberpunk android type girl character
Created by Lê Long

Asia Legends

Samurai character portrait
Created by David Benzal


Beast demon style girl character
Created by Max Berthelot

Character Design Sheet

Sheet of character sketches
Created by Erin Shin


Hippie girl character
Created by Jessica Madorran

Luc(k)y Pre-Flight

Girl in flight gear outfit
Created by Dave Keenan

Character Design

Tattooed girl character painting, half android
Created by Hardy Fowler

Selma, the Swordmaster

Female swordmaster character design
Created by Tin Brian Nguyen


Massive futuristic character concept
Created by Tan Zhi Hui


Caveman character painting
Created by Alessandro Pizzi

Mouse Warrior

Mouse warrior character
Created by Javi Salas


Modern Anubis character concpet art
Created by Miklós Ligeti

Viking Lady

Female viking character art
Created by Litos Lopez


Exploring man character faces
Created by Mathias Zamęcki(IG @mathiaszamecki & Twitter @MathiasZamecki)

Bounty Hunter

Darker android style character
Created by Arb Paninken

Ciri Redesign

Redesigning Ciri human character
Created by Klaus Wittmann


Knight character painting
Created by Dmitry Skolzki

Egyptian God

Handmade 2D egyptian god character
Created by Dennis van Kessel


Fantasy heroes character work
Created by Jenny Harder


Man and woman, detailed concept art
Created by Alice Rose

Rabbit & Mouse

Rabbit and mouse stylized characters
Created by HannaH L

Character Demo

Wizard mage style character
Created by Rogier van de Beek


Detailed biker character
Created by Josh Godin


Gunhead gunner character concept
Created by Igor Arkhipov

Wasteland Gladiator

Gladiator warrior concept art
Created by TJ Foo


Scavenger old school concept art
Created by Simon Fetscher

Character Designs

Character design sketches
Created by Diego Robledo


Magician character concept
Created by Sergey Pidgaiko

Faun Warrior

Faun half goat warrior concept
Created by Michelle Tolo


Magician concept art
Created by Kevin Merriman


Female lead character concept
Created by Vyacheslav Gluhov

Heroes & Villains

Various hero and villian designs
Created by Taran Fiddler

Red Monika

Red Monika redesign character
Created by Colin Searle

Caveman Character Challenge

Stylized caveman character concept
Created by Pierre “Zoh” Quéru


Magician, trick illusionist character concept
Created by Nadezhda Tikhomirova

Wild West Girls

Wild west female character designs
Created by Hue Vang

Otis the Snake Slayer

Warrior snake slayer concept art
Created by Jesse Carpenter

Color Days!

Girl in yellow sweatshirt
Created by Kun Vic


Knight in dark armor character
Created by Jarold Sng

Mad Reaper

Reaper character concept art
Created by Javier Charro

Crocodile Summoner

Detailed summoner fantasy character design
Created by Ian Barker

The Merman and the Fork

Merman with a fork character concept
Created by Laura Bevon

Hedgehog Designs

Little boy character drawing
Created by Elina Mushinskaya

Game Character Design

Game design, character concepts
Created by Jeffrey Phelps

Тhe Carrier, The Fool and Butterfly

Mysterious character concept
Created by Miro Petrov


Girl with light hair, digital drawing/painting
Created by Grace Zhu

Mafia Boss

Mafia boss character design sheet
Created by Marie Stephanie Surga

Experimental Military Unit

Military unit character design
Created by Albert Urmanov

Character Design Commission

High kick character in jersey
Created by Toyin Morby Ajetunmobi


Scifi character concept art
Created by Pedro H. Cardoso

Ninja Cat

Ninja cat style design
Created by Brian Yuen

Ninja Cat Alt

Cartoony cat dressed as ninja
Created by Pio Paulo Santana

Ibuki Redesign

Female ninja Ibuki character fanart
Created by Mauricio Morali

The Carnival

Floating carnival woman concept art
Created by Ngan Pham

Some Character Work

Girl with headband, mermaid character
Created by Andros Martínez

Gladiator Brute

Detailed gladiator man concept art
Created by Bennett Durfee


Fantasy mage smoking pipe character art
Created by Even Amundsen(Patreon)


Blonde warrior girl character design
Created by Prywinko Art

Elf Scout

Elf fantasy character design
Created by Vlada Monakhova

CDC Caveman

Unique stylized caveman illustration
Created by Elena Barbu

Whitney Lanier

Girl with mech wings
Created by Mother of Machines

Cyberpunk Character Design

Cyberpunk typical character concept work
Created by Yun Nam

Yoga Girls

Girl characters dressed in yoga clothes
Created by Boyan Kazalov


Dark haired witch character
Created by Otto Metzger

Dragon Rider

Big warrior riding on a dragon
Created by Mohamed Ali