Bloomiceros - flower rhino creature concept art
Artwork by Nikita Nikitsin

Creature Concept Art: A Design Gallery For Ideas & Inspiration

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What good is a fantasy realm without monsters?

From fearsome dragons to maybe some crazy undead creatures or maybe even aliens. All of these concepts fall under the umbrella of creature design.

It’s a deeper type of concept art that requires a lot of imagination. How would the skin of a rhino look if it merged with a jungle cat? What would a monkey with wings look like? These are the questions that creature designers ask themselves, and these questions turn into some amazing works of art.

If you’re interested in creature design then this gallery is sure to offer some fantastic ideas for practice pieces or even portfolio works.


Dark alien style Zbrush creatures
Created by Shan Qiao

Creature Concepts

Lizard blue shine, creature concept art
Created by Quentin Bouilloud

Custom Creature

Custom Damaged creature skin concept
Created by Russell Dongjun Lu

Creature Bust

Sculpted 3d creature bust painting
Created by Jesse Sandifer

Were Creature

Werewolf style creature beast
Created by Andrew “Boog” Faithfull


Creature Box fanart painting
Created by Tarek Samaan


3D modeled lobster creature design
Created by Arnaud Lonys from this concept


Nightstalker illustration concept creature
Created by Oriana Menendez


Weird elephant creature style concept design
Created by Mickael Lelièvre, original concept by Edin Durmisevic


Vampire worm creature design
Created by Jia Hao


Pytherion creature fantasy design concept
Created by Lauren W


Vrishvanar, beast scorpion style creature concept
Created by Harshanand Singh

Dauntless Inspired Creature

Blue beast creature design concept
Created by Jeff Chen

Woodland Monster

Funny looking woodlands creature design concept
Created by Moran Tennenbaum, artwork by Aleksi Rokka

Frog King

The frog king concept artwork
Created by Lyle Moore

Warrior Creature

Warrior amphibian creature 3D model
Created by Jaume Caldentey

Rat-Like Creature

Digital painting, rat style creature design
Created by Lionel Dorviler

Korde’ Emuri-Concept Art

Hairy beast creature concept art
Created by Manthos Lappas

Beneath the Waves: Sea Dragon

Sea dragon creatures, digital painting
Created by Helen O’Dell

Stormlight Archive Sheet

Stormlight character sheet concept art
Created by Yen Shu Liao


Kappa frog monster, 3d modeling
Created by Nuno Santos


Personal work, free flying creatures in the forest
Created by Sean Counley


Seedius green creature concept in 3D
Created by Victor Vaquero González de Quevedo, concept by Adrián González

Winged Shielder

Winged battle defender creature concept art
Created by Anaelle Le Coz

Monster for Shane

Dragon monster design, 3d modeled
Created by Kailey Rogers, concept by Michel Gagné

Aquatic Creature Concepts

Quick sketches of aquatic creatures
Created by Anthony Gero

Creature Design

Large green dragon style beast
Created by Alexis Marchois

Forest Guardian

3D model of various forest tree guardians
Created by David Masson

Jobal Nemesis

Jobal Nemesis creature design
Created by Henrik Rosenborg


Various land animals and water creature concepts
Created by Xavier Leroux

Enemy Concept

Four legged dragon creature
Created by Jeff Murchie


Glowing creature concept design
Created by Ekaterina Yastrubetskaya


Blooming shining one horned creature
Created by Nikita Nikitsin

Volcano Crab

Volcano crab creature artwork
Created by Yu Cheng Hong