Demon creature
Artwork by Rastislav Le(@artdeepmind)

Demonic Creature Concept Art Gallery

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We all have our demons to fight in everyday life.

But our favorite characters in film & video games have real demons to fend off. And they’re horrifying.

It’s a concept artist’s job to design horrific creatures like demons. So it’s no surprise we can find so many amazing pieces out there from truly skilled artists.

If you’re looking for some awesome demon creature ideas this gallery has it all. My only advice: avoid this gallery before bedtime.


scary demon blades fire art painting
Created by Kristian Nüsser

Demon Scout

demon horns creature art illustration
Created by Luka Brico


demon monster doom creature art concept
Created by Jo Kenoriel

Demonic Bull

demon bull beast creature art illustration
Created by Isobel Leidl Wilsonl

Scary Demon

demon creature character art concept
Created by Bhavesh Visram

Grim Demon

demon grim dark character art illustration
Created by Andrey Terentev

Flame Philosopher Demon

demon flame character design art concept
Created by Tanawut Jittakanworakit

Magical Demon

demon female marks magic concept art
Created by Mike Dalzell

Blue Demon

demon blue creature character design concept art
Created by Tim Beeren


demon succubus creature female art illustration
Created by Ilona Wieska

The Warden

demon knight armor fantasy art illustration
Created by Grace Cheung

Hooded Demon

demon hood sword concept art illustration
Created by Mouwaffack Ghattas

Samurai Demon

demon samurai swords character art illustration
Created by Wing Kan

Blood Elf Demon Hunter

demon hunter blood elf blades wings art illustration
Created by J.B. Van Harmontt

Queen Of Pain

demon female demoness fantasy art illustration
Created by Claudia Stephanie

Baby Demon

demon baby creature illustration art sketch
Created by Konstantin Nechaev

Gigantic Demon

demon gigantic skull flame smoke monster art
Created by Anastasia Moiseeva

Demon Guardian

demon guardian character design concept art
Created by Ailén Sobrales Franzé

The Enemy

demon dark creepy creature bone wings art
Created by Martin de DiegoInstagram

Green Demon

demon green horns character sketch illustration
Created by Hunter Gage

Mullet Demon

demon red creature horns wings character sketch art
Created by Rastislav LeInstagram