Environment concept artwork for video game design
Artwork by Andreas Moritz, created for Circuits & Shields

Environment Concept Art: 50+ Examples For Inspiration & Portfolio Ideas

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There’s always a need for great environments. Every game, every cartoon, every story needs great worldbuilding and in the art world that takes the form of environment art.

With this type of work you’ll find all kinds of paintings and 3D renderings of landscapes, interiors, you name it.

And in this gallery I want to celebrate some of the best environment artists out there today. This artwork not only illustrates what great environment work looks like, but also goes to show just how far you can take concept art with a bit of imagination.

Castle Painting

Classic castle in the distance painting
Created by Jonathan Dufresne

Temple Painting

Big template environment painting
Created by Jonathan Dufresne


Green lush landscape environment
Created by Jonathan Dufresne

A New Beginning

Lighting outside a field, monument area
Created by Gavin O’Donnell

Potion Master’s House

Potion masters house landscape painting
Created by Jennifer Chamberlain

Desert LowPoly

Low poly digital environment concept
Created by Lucian Stroiny

Absolver – Downfall & Masks

Dark musky underground environment concept art
Created by Michel Donze

Forest of Liars

Ancient forest concept art area
Created by Sylvain Sarrailh

Cove Environment Art

Tropical island area concept art
Created by Sahil Trivedi

Island Castle

Birds eye view over castle concept art
Created by Sergey Musin


Japanese style castle concept art
Created by David Lesperance

The Tavern Owner

Cartoony town tavern buildings concept
Created by Bryant Koshu

Teleport Room

Teleportation room concept art
Created by Alexey Pyatov

Underwater Forest

Underwater creatures environment painting
Created by Paweł Latkowski

Fable Legends: History Lessons

Legend environment dark concept art
Created by Rachel Noy

Project Bananas

Futuristic cityscape environment concept
Created by Corey Hill

Color Key Environment

Fantasy land environment painting
Created by Jamil Dar

Abandoned Factory Alley

Abandoned factory alleyway
Created by Jeff Severson

The Untold Story of Bernadette

Attic environment concept art
Created by Giselle Valenzuela

Snowy Peaks

Snowy mountains environment concept
Created by Sergio Suarez

Skull Coast

Coastline painting environment concept art
Created by Mohammad Qureshi

Titans Fall

Digital landscape environment artwork
Created by Khairizal Anwar

Elven Inn

Elven Inn building concept art
Created by Manuel Fuentes


City lighting far away concept art
Created by Weston T Jones


Overgrown city in ruins environment
Created by Lucas Leger

Killzone Shadow Fall

Dark machine focused city fantasy
Created by Richard Dumont

Stylized Medieval Village

Medieval concept art village environment
Created by Emilie V.F


Gotham City environment concept art
Created by Nuno Nobre(@capitan__nuno)

The Sporelight Marsh

Fantasy cottage environment art
Created by Cherlin Mao

Super Mario World

Super Mario World environment concept art
Created by Rotann Colyn

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome environment concept
Created by Robin Olausson

Corsair Environment

River Boad environment concept art
Created by Martin H. Matthes

City at Night

City nighttime - starry dark skies environment
Created by Davey Baker

Ardorian Temple

Ardorian Temple concept art piece
Created by Benjamin Giletti


Outisde in a park, visual development art
Created by Devin Yang


Illustrated floating rock environment painting
Created by Marcus Whinney

Lesser City Marketplace

Arabian city marketplace environment concept art
Created by Aishwarya Chandramohan

House on a Lake

DBZ concept art, house on a lake
Created by Hayden Nichols

Visual Development

viz dev environment under a bridge
Created by Thiago Baltar

Random Island

Island environment concept art
Created by Adrian dela Cerna(@a.drian.d.c)

An Alternate Bahamas

Vacation getaway island concept art
Created by Lamaro Smith

Northern Gate, City of Anzag

Northern gate environment concept painting
Created by Erica Lee

Crimson Cyber Temple

Crimson cyber environment concept
Created by Claire Bian

Overhead Environment

Above landscape wilderness concept art
Created by Tony Holmsten

Ancient Civilizations 1

Old underground building environment concept
Created by Olexii Shuhurov

Ancient Civilizations 2

Fantasy cave environment room painting
Created by Olexii Shuhurov

Up North

Snowy village rough environment painting
Created by Branislav Perkovic

Circuits and Shields

Large detailed environment area with altar
Created by Andreas Moritz for Circuits & Shields

The Crusty Gunner

Crusty Gunner - exterior item shop, concept art for video game
Created by Andrew Bosley

The Apothecary’s Study

Interior room concept art of Apothecary
Created by Samir Benounis

Vampire Mage Mansion

Vampire Mansion concept art exterior painting
Created by Maria Khai

Forest Environment Art

Stylized forest environment concept art
Created by Fernanders Sam

Valles Marineris

Desert landscape environment painting from above
Created by Laurent Gaumer

Temples – VisDev Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding open field environment art
Created by Max Schiller