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Free FireAlpaca Brushes For Digital Drawing & Painting

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Digital painting has never been easier with so many free tools online.

Perhaps the most well-known free painting tool is Krita but it does have competition. FireAlpaca is a free painting program growing in popularity with each passing year.

Anyone who dives into this software will pick it up fast. But it helps if you have the right brushes to get started.

There are some defaults with features like airbrush lines and watercolors. But why not add a few more to your arsenal?

This list has every brush you’ll need for making awesome artwork in FireAlpaca.

Brushes by Ooupoutto

Custom brushes set Ooupoutto

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If you need variety then check out this free pack by Ooupoutto.

The DeviantArt community is full of these brush kits and it’s the best website to find similar resources. Especially for FireAlpaca.

With this pack you’ll get 20+ different brushes along with some instructions on setup.

These are pretty simple to work with and there’s a good variety for digital drawing, painting, or inking.

I would recommend these for both beginners and more experienced users alike. You can do a lot with FireAlpaca and this handy brush pack.


P2U: Brush Pack 9

FireAlpaca grass

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So in this unique brush pack we’ve got a bunch of foliage print designs. They’re definitely eye-catching and certainly usable in the right scenario.

The creator DragonLoreStudios has released many brush packs for free on DeviantArt. This is just one great example.

But you can try searching their profile to see what else comes up. This isn’t the best way to find all of the best brushes out there. However there’s a lot on here and most of them are 100% free.

This pack is good if you’re painting trees, grass, or even some finer materials like clothes or hair.

But use this as just one of many packs for your work.


Brush Pack 2

Brushes sample pack

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Another great set from DragonLoreStudios. This one has a good mix of patterns along with “typical” brush styles.

The vaguely named “brush pack 2” is totally free for download and you can use these in any art project.

You’ll find a mix of spot/splatter brushes along with some more complex styles like bricks. None of these are perfect but they will give you a nice starting point for detailed projects.

I really like some of the spot brushes, especially spots 5 & 6 which look incredible.


Freebie Pack by Cocobunnie

cocobunnie brushes pack

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One thing I really like about this Cocobunnie pack is the massive variety.

You’ll find things that almost look like stamp brushes that you could replicate in digital graphic design work. But there’s also a handful of traditional-style brushes mimicking pencil work.

The scatter brushes are easy to customize as well so you can edit those settings to suit your needs. Plenty here to work with if you’re familiar with the FireAlpaca landscape.

I’d say the textured pencil brush is reason alone to nab this set. It’ll prove itself useful time & time again.


Cloud Brushes

cloud brushes for firealpaca

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So these brushes aren’t exactly cloud patterns, but rather brushes that mimic cloud styles.

You can find the free brush set here along with an explanation of what’s inside.

Surprisingly these brushes are pretty convincing and there’s a lot to be said about the quality. I wouldn’t rely on these 100% for all painting work but I would say they’re great for some very common textures.

And if you’re looking for more there are a ton on Cocobunnie’s profile.

Lots of great stuff to find on there if you know where to look.


Animal Brushes

Hair and fur brush

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One more monthly set is this animal brush pack.

It focuses a lot more on hair and fur which is perfect for almost every artist. The brushes can take a while to get used to because you have to be comfortable with digital painting first.

Still it shouldn’t take you long to adjust to this brush pack and find some use out of it.

I wouldn’t call it a staple but it’s definitely a nice set to have if you do a lot of digital painting.


Painterly Brushes

Painter style brushes

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I do think this pack is a must-have for every FireAlpaca user.

The creator candydesufox has released a few brushes for free and this pack is one of my faves.

It can be used almost anywhere and the brush styles feel incredibly versatile.

Some of them take on more of a grunge design while others feel exactly like a paintbrush. Not to mention you can combine these to get some pretty unique strokes in your artwork.

If you’re just getting into the software then definitely grab a copy of this brush pack. It’ll get you through plenty of practice sessions and these can even be used for the finishing touches on your pieces.


Alternative Brush Pack

Sample watercolor brush packs

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Here’s one more option from candydesufox that I really like. This follows a similar style with airbrush techniques and an airbrush/watercolor style.

These brushes work exactly the same way as the other pack, and this is still a pretty small set with only 5 brush styles to pick from.

But the designs are fantastic.

There is so much you can do with this brush pack that you’ll never run out of ideas.

I’d highly recommend downloading both packs from candydesufox if you’re looking for quality brushes that’ll fit with almost any project.


Free Pack (Various)

Free painterly brushes

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So you want a variety of brushes with some cool designs? Look no further than this set jam-packed with 10+ unique brush styles.

You can adjust the formatting, size, and opacity with ease so these styles offer plenty to customize.

The repeating patterns are pretty easy to setup but I really like the solid line brushes. Those can be used as inking tools or as resources for digital painting.

All depends what type of art you’re creating and how comfortable you are with FireAlpaca.


Converted Brushes

Converted Photoshop brushes into FireAlpaca

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DeviantArt user KittyKittyKittyzz took the time to convert this brush pack over from a Photoshop .abr file.

These brushes include some of the defaults and they’ve all been ported from Photoshop into FireAlpaca. This is not an easy process so major kudos on this!

I also really like the brushes themselves and they offer a lot of room to test things out. They do feel very much like the original Photoshop brushes too.

I’m a big proponent of open source and that’s one thing that kinda sucks about Photoshop: the lack of compatibility.

With this pack you’ll have access to some awesome PS-quality brushes all totally free.


Cheapkrabs Brush Pack

Cheapkrabs firealpaca brushes

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With a colorful username and even more colorful artwork, DA user cheapkrabs released this fun brush set for FireAlpaca users.

This comes as pack #3 in a small set, but I say this is the best one.

Given there’s only 5 brushes here it can seem small. But there’s also plenty to work with if you customize the settings.

And most of these brushes are generic enough to blend with any art style.

Whether you’re painting anime or drawing your own illustration work, these brushes can handle it all.


Bokeh Brush Set

Bokeh brushes pack

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I know these light bokeh brushes may not suit every purpose. Heck, you may not really need them for much at all.

But they can add a nice finishing touch onto pieces that need a magical flair or some lighting effects.

Not to mention their value in graphic design and custom illustration work.

I wouldn’t claim this brush set is a must-have. It’s really niche and quite specific to artists who would use this kind of effect.

Still, if you’re one of those artists then definitely grab a copy. You won’t find anything else similar or better.


4 Configurable Brush Scripts

Configurable Brush Scripts

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Lastly we have this set of configurable brush scripts from DA user Bubsby.

Note these brush scripts are a little different but they import into FireAlpaca almost exactly the same way. You have full control over the radius and total stroke size, along with some other cool features with repeating patterns.

I would use these more for rough sketching or for inking a finished piece. Not all of these scripts will be useful but they are worth having.

It helps if you’re already familiar with FireAlpaca before picking up this set but it’s worth having either way.

And if you’ve never worked with brushes before this offers a nice introduction, all 100% free.