beer gabe kralik art
Created by Gabe Kralik

Interior & Exterior Architecture Designs By Gabe Kralik

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Gabe Kralik is a concept artist from Columbus, Ohio with an active ArtStation full of amazing artwork. He’s one of the most skilled artists I’ve seen when it comes to architecture design, specifically in the realm of RPG buildings and fantasy environments.

What I like best is his unique style of painting. It feels tight but loose at the same time. He gets his point across without too much articulation. A very interesting style of concept art and a worthy artist to study.

Each image in this gallery is credited to Gabe and sourced back to his original post. Also if you want to hire Gabe you can find contact info on his profile page or his Tumblr page.

Town House

stone town house concept art
Original source

Orc Burrow

orc burrow exterior building art
Original source

Mud Houses

mud hut houses concept art
Original source

Farm House

fantasy stone farm house concept art
Original source

Beer Stall

beer stall building concept art
Original source

Traveling Magic Shop

tent hut magic travel shop game art
Original source

Wine Shop

exterior wine shop inspiration hut concept
Original source

Mountain Inn

see through interior shot wall concept art
Original source

Devil’s Wharf

devils wharf concept art building
Original source

Forest House

witch house forest concept art
Original source

Coaster Cart

coaster cart prop concept art
Original source

Witch House Concepts

witch house concept art ideas
Original source


merry go round concept art prop
Original source

Wizard of the North

wizard of north house sketches snow
Original source

Sewer Transit Buildings

sewer transit buildings concept art design
Original source

Medieval Shops

medieval shops exteriors concept art
Original source

Deep Sea Bones

bone remnants concept art buildings
Original source

Buried Temple

buried temple pillars props concept art
Original source

Smokestack House

smokestack fireplace house concept art
Original source

Smokestack House(Interior)

interior concept house building seethrough
Original source