Ghost Wraith Creature Design
Artwork by Jeffrey Oyem

Ghost & Apparition Concept Art Gallery

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You might not think there’s much you can do with a ghost design.

But the artists in this gallery prove you can add a lot of variety into any subject matter, creepy ghosts included!

Have a look over some of these designs and see what you think. If you dig spooky games or movies then you’ll find plenty of artwork to get you ghoulishly excited.


Summoning a ghost creature artwork
Created by Antonio Minuto

Ghost Pirate

Ghost pirate concept art design
Created by 5518 StudiosArtStation

Ancient Apparition

White ghost apparition concept
Created by Andiara Corcioli

Dragon Cult Ghost

Dragon ghost character art
Created by Nuare StudioArtStation


Classic ghost apparition man
Created by Elena BarbuArtStation


Wraith with a drape creature concept art
Created by Elena BarbuArtStation

Dream Apparition

Ctulu styled apparition creature
Created by Jim Casa

River Ghost

River ghost queen character design
Created by Jonathan Lee


Spirithost character ghost design
Created by Martin Kirby


Spider creature and ghost
Created by Sebastian KowollInstagram

Asylum Entity

Asylum room entity ghost creature
Created by Christian Bravery


Practice concept of a ghost
Created by Leo de MouraArtStation

The Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Ghost Character
Created by Denys Tsiperko

The Source of Evil

Source of Evil character speedpaint
Created by Dominik Mayer

Clear Night

Dark nighttime speed painting ghost
Created by Dominik Mayer

Demon Ghost

Demon ghost character concept art
Created by Didier Nguyen


Necromancer skull ghost creature concept
Created by Dirk WachsmuthArtStation

White Ghost

Spooky White Female Ghost Character
Created by Ivan Tao

Time Wight

Time ghost wraith creature art
Created by Jeffrey Oyem

Lost in a Dream

Ghost Lost in a Dreamworld
Created by Dave Greco

Forgotten Land

Forgotten Land of Ghosts Creatures
Created by Adai Ikue


Uncensored naked poltergeist creature art
Created by Jasmine Faye Freitas

Little Ghost

little ghost creature concept
Created by Will Palacio

Uncle Ghost

Uncle Ghost Personal Character Art
Created by Khunnaphat Sopharat

Thing in the Basement

Ghost Creature In The Basement
Created by Mike PennArtStation