item shop concept art
Item Shop created by Tim Kaminski

Item Shop Interiors & Storefronts For Game Art Inspiration

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Every RPG game has some type of item shop located somewhere in the adventure. These shops often follow a certain aesthetic that blends with the magical world, town, city, or environment.

But the interiors and exteriors of these buildings can be amazingly unique and inspiring. If you’re designing a storefront or some type of shop interior, this gallery will offer dozens of eccentric ideas to get you going.

I’m really passionate about environment art and this is one of the best galleries for aspiring video game concept artists. If you like designing interiors then definitely consider making a few pieces for your own portfolio.

Inn Interior

see through walls inn main room
Created by Stoyan Stoyanov

Magic Shop

purple tent magic shop game concept
Created by Gabe Kralik

Wine Shop

winery wine shop concept art
Created by Gabe Kralik

Potion Shop

video game concept art potion shop idea
Created by Victor Källqvist

Calypso’s Shop

sorceror magic shoppe interior concept
Created by Daniel Thomasportfolio site

Luskan Curio Shop

curio shop concept art interior
Created by Richard C Livingstonportfolio site

Aerial Shop

aerial view shop interior seethrough
Created by Tim Kaminski

Small Potion Shop

potion shop exterior props concept
Created by Jonathan Dufresneportfolio site

Repair Shop

repair shop makeshift concept building
Created by Jeng Shan Lohportfolio site

The Shop

purple item shop game concept art
Created by Tim Kaminskiportfolio site

Gilmore’s Glorious Goods

gilmores goods items shop
Created by Jack Gallagher

Wine Shop

wine shop concept
Created by Nadya Slesareva

Esbatu Ice Cream Shoppe

ice cream concept art shop
Created by Jourdan Tuffan

Little Solutions Potion Shop

concept art potion shop
Created by Isabella De Ocampoportfolio site

AENiGMA – Medieval Weaponry Shop

concept art potion shop
Created by Derek Weselakeportfolio site