Write Content For CAE

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept guest posts. We never have and never will. We DO want to work with talented artists/writers who have a strong background in entertainment art. Please do NOT email us just asking to write a guest post, the answer is NO.

We’re looking for great writer/artist combos to write for Concept Art Empire & get paid for their awesome content.

Digital painting, traditional drawing, animation, illustration, character design, concept art, pixel art, 3D rigging, software reviews, all that stuff.

We aim to publish articles that really add value to the Internet and to the art community. You do not need any “pro” experience working as a paid artist. All we want is someone who can write well, who loves art, and who’s willing to research & write about a handful of topics.

And yes, we pay for content.

Digital painting example
Artwork by David Revoy

If you’re interested please get in touch via email. Share your experience with art, a link to your art portfolio(or work samples) and if you’ve got any writing samples toss those in too.

We have a writing style guide so we are looking for a certain style of writing. But that comes with practice, first & foremost we want writers who love art and want to share their knowledge.

Typically we come up with ideas and give those to our writers each month, but we’re open to hearing your ideas for content too.

We cover a broad range of posts in many styles:

  • Tips/advice(example)
  • Informational & educational content(example)
  • Collections of art resources(example)
  • Reviews of art supplies, software, and digital courses(example)
  • 2D & 3D art tutorials(coming soon)

Each writer gets full credit for their content including a bio with links to whatever you want: portfolio, blog, and/or social accounts.

We’re gonna keep chugging away posting the best possible content we can. If you think you can produce similar content & you’d like to contribute then we’d love to hear from you.

Sounds Good! How Do I Start?

Just send us a message with your experience in art + some work samples. We should get back to you within a few days to see if we can try something.

All new writers start with a test piece where we help you understand the style we’re going for. Yes, we’ll pay you for the test piece. If the test article looks good then we can discuss monthly writing on a consistent basis.

When you send your email be sure to include your artistic background, any writing background you have, and maybe a little blurb on your areas of expertise(ex: digital painting, traditional drawing, Zbrush modeling etc). Also toss in a few of your art samples + any writing samples if you have some.

We’ll take it from there and see if we can get something going. Always happy to hear from new writers so if you’d enjoy writing about art then let’s chat.