yog joshi jungle art
Created by Yog Joshi

Jungle Environment Paintings for Concept Art Inspiration

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Green lush jungle environments are often deceiving. They seem safe but can be the epitome of a dangerous adventure.

Movies and video games use jungle landscapes to promote a place of natural dangers. Jungles can be like mazes with many paths leading in confusing circles. This curated gallery of jungle environment art is the best resource for inspiration when designing your own ideas.

Each piece below links back to the original source and artist page, so if you’re looking for a fullsize view just click the image.

Jungle Waterfall

jungle waterfall flowing lush trees art environment
Created by Anik Biswas

Debris Temple

temple surrounded by debris in jungle
Created by Michele Nuceraportfolio site

Jungle Beast

jungle beast kraken octopus creature
Created by Ingrid Sasu

Lost in the Jungle

crash jungle airplane environment art
Created by Michele Nuceraportfolio site

The Jungle Book

disney jungle book concept art ideas
Created by Vance Kovacsportfolio site

Alien Jungle

alien jungle concept art environment
Created by Colin Gellerportfolio site

Long Forgotten

long forgotten ancient temple environment
Created by Tsvetelin Krastev

Jungle Temple

jungle temple concept art environment
Created by Salvo Lo Iacono

The Spirit Temple

spirit temple environment concept art
Created by Steve Palmertonportfolio site

Temple Adventure

temple monkey adventure jungle environment
Created by Yog Joshiportfolio site

Dense Jungle

dense jungle landscape waterfall forest
Created by Nezu Panda

Jungle Village

huts in jungle village environment art
Created by Alexander Chelyshevportfolio site

Forest Trolls

forest trolls path environment art
Created by Chirag Tripathy

Torn Ruins

jungle ruins concept art deep shadows
Created by Tsvetelin Krastev