green potion
Artwork by Irina Khrapova

Magic Potions: A Concept Art Prop Design Gallery

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Props are a staple for every game and they’re a huge part of modern concept art. You know those little potions and elixirs you see in your game menus? An artist designed that.

You’ll find a ton of great examples right here in this post featuring some truly talented artists.

This gallery focuses primarily on magical potions but you’ll find many different styles to give you some cool ideas for your own work.

Drink Me!

red ui potion icon
Created by Matteo Noti

Potion Icons

potion concept ideas
Created by Stephen Atkinson

Death Potion

green death potion
Created by Flix StephanArtStation


green rounded potion bottle
Created by Jacob WheatArtStation

Wildfire Potion UI

green wildfire potion
Created by Khihak (Hachi) Chou

Essence of Intellect

intellect potion concept art
Created by Oksana Bondarenko

Isometric Bottles

isometric bottle potions
Created by Sephiroth Art

Love Potion

blue love potion concept
Created by Delia MihaiArtStation

Hover Potion

green flask potion concept
Created by Irina Khrapova

Magic Bottle

3d render magic potion bottle
Created by Alina Makarenko

Game Items

red potion bottle concept
Created by Sofia CanoArtStation

Exo Prop

potion props concept art
Created by Terenard Ninsky