Black & White Ninja Character
Artwork by Eder Luna

Ninja Character Designs & Concept Artwork

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With trained assassins you never see it coming. And boy do they move fast!

The ninja is a classic design and it’s found across the spectrum of entertainment art in movies, cartoons, and games.

If you’re thinking of designing your own ninja characters then you’ll adore this gallery full of unique designs from awesome people with ninja-like art skills.


ninja night moon sword keyboard headphones art
Created by Tereza Toskova


ninja moon night jump roof concept art
Created by Farhan Chowdhury

G.I. Joe Ninjas

ninjas g.i. joe vintage art illustration
Created by Leopoldo Alves

Woman Assassin

ninja assasin woman female character design art
Created by Lily Kim

Sci-fi Ninjapunk

ninja sci-fi female cyberpunk concept art
Created by Eddy Shinjuku


ninja overwatch game armor blade fan art
Created by Thirty Three

Samurai Warrior

ninja robot samurai katana sci-fi concept art
Created by Antonio Minuto

Fast Ninja

ninja speed katana fantasy character design art
Created by Benedick Bana

Ninja Warrior

ninja warrior sword flame character design art
Created by Zhivko Zhelev

Cyber Ninja

ninja cyberpunk samurai digital art
Created by Āndrey Țeodorsky

Ninja Trainer

ninja sword trainer female character concept art
Created by Lucy CarracedoArtStation

Tech Ninja

ninja swords mask character art sketch
Created by Nikita Bondarenko

Ninja Attack

ninja sword shurikens character design art
Created by Eder Luna

Kunoichi Skye

ninja female kitsune fantasy character concept art
Created by Michele Trocchia

Zombie Fighter Ninja

ninja zombies night moon sword art illustration
Created by Chao Wang


ninja warrior kitana mortal kombat character fan art illustration
Created by Masha Paduchak

Ninja Traveler

ninja traveler female owl character art illustration
Created by J.G. MiedesArtStation

Ninja Serquet

ninja character design concept art sketch
Created by Marc-Ross Michaud

Angelic Ninja

ninja angelic sci-fi female character design concept art
Created by James Angelo P. Resurreccion

Owl Ninja

ninja owl katana mask art illustration
Created by Leal 666

Dark Ninja

ninja dark reaper fantasy sketch art illustration
Created by Valentin Rzeusski


ninja assasin characters concept art illustration
Created by Lucky Cristerson Tan

Ninja Girl

ninja girl characters concept art illustration
Created by Yichun Hu