teenage mutant ninja turtle sketch
Comic Con sketch by Noumier Tawilah

Visual Artist Noumier Tawilah Shares His Finest Work

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From funky creature illustrations to Megadeth-themed Christmas cards, it seems Noumier can do it all. He’s a visual artist from Montreal Canada & studied at St. Luc superior school and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.

Noumier has overseen several art projects including the David Letterman comic book, the Marvel Superhero Squad video game, as well as various roles in art direction, concept design, animation, and film production. His art has also been featured in many publications like the Los Angeles magazine, USA Today, and NY Daily News.

He is the proud winner of many art competitions like Best Poster for Mome Story theater and several Megadeth Christmas card design contests.

He also participates actively in European and North American art exhibitions including Montréal Comic-Con, the Caricature Exhibition at Université d’Avant-Garde in Laval, and the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe.

Noumier is a truly skilled artist with a broad scope and a wonderful style—and this gallery proves it!

To find more work you can browse his ArtStation and his personal Tumblr blog. You can also follow his latest pieces on Facebook or on his Instagram account @noumierart.

Megadeth Christmas Toy

megadeth toy illustration
Original source

Wooly Mammoth

wooly mammoth creature
Original source

David Letterman Comic Book

david letterman comic book
Original source

Prehistoric Animals

mammal creatures
Original source

Brainy Smurf

brainy smurf
Original source

Megadeth Christmas Card #1

megadeth chimney christmas
Original source

Megadeth Christmas Card #2

merry christmas megadeth card
Original source

Life Drawing

portrait drawings
Original source

Two Face

twoface character art
Original source

Victorian Monsters

victorian creature concepts
Original source

Danny Trejo

danny trejo character sketch
Original source

TMNT Sketches

teenage mutant ninja turtles
Original source

Undead Cyborgs

cyborg creatures
Original source

Prehistoric Creature

minotaur creature
Original source

Dark Warrior

warrior character art
Original source

Giant Rat

giant rat creature
Original source

Batman vs. Superman

batman dawn
Original source

Fantasy Art

fantasy concept art
Original source


noumier tawilah storyboard art
Original source


catharsis art book concept art
Original source

Montreal Comic Con

montreal comic con artwork
Original source