Artwork by Pat Mendoza

Mythical Phoenix Artwork: A Creature Design Gallery

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The majestic phoenix always rises from the ashes. This idea remains in countless stories, comics, movies, and video games all with a unique twist on the fable.

Have a look over this gallery and see what you think of these incredible designs. Each one follows a similar fire bird concept, but they all have a unique twist on the Phoenix mythos.

Flaming Sword

phoenix sword rock lava illustration concept art
Created by Dominik Mayer

Phoenix – Face To Face

phoenix bird fantasy illustration art
Created by Nathan Thomas

Phoenix Rising

phoenix fantasy creatures illustration art
Created by Andre Wahl


phoenix firebird fantasy illustration art
Created by Arnesson Art / Thomas hugo

Phoenix Wings

phoenix creatures wings fantasy concept art
Created by Laura Bevon

Thunder and Flame

phoenix flame thunder fantasy illustration
Created by Juan Arrabal

Phoenix Lake

phoenix fantasy creatures lake blue drawing
Created by Darina Seryodkina

Phoenix Flight

phoenix fire flight concept illustration
Created by Illia Tsiushkevich

Phoenix Rage

phoenix fantsy flight rage art concept
Created by Christos KarapanosArtStation

The Wrath Of Phoenix

phoenix wrath fight creatures art illustration
Created by Ekaraj Worasamutprakarn

Phoenix – Dragon Chronicles

phoenix fire bird creatures reborn art illustration
Created by Robert Crescenzio

Female Phoenix

phoenix fire female character art illustration
Created by c.c. R

Phoenix Birth

phoenix fire birth character concept art
Created by CristianAC .

Final Fight

phoenix fight werwolves fantasy illustration art
Created by Junaidi Lim

Screaming Phoenix

phoenix screaming fantasy bird illustration art
Created by Pat Mendoza