Concept art props, papers, design work
Artwork by Cinthia Marsana

Concept Art Props Designs For Portfolio Inspiration

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Props artists feel like the unsung heroes of the concept art pipeline. Prop designers create a lot of the little background objects that you forget even exist.

Tables, chairs, doors, lanterns… these all seem so insignificant by themselves. But put together these create the world and ultimately help sell the imaginary reality.

There is a real demand for skilled props designers and if you’re looking to follow this career path then you’ll want a focused portfolio. But what should you even include?

Well I’ve curated dozens of amazing prop design pieces for artists and aspiring artists who want some real-world examples from skilled concept artists. Enjoy!


Concept art magical prop designs
Created by Ivan Kunakh

Winter Props

Winter themed prop concept art
Created by Michael Guimont

Prop Dev

Props dev concept artwork
Created by Germán Reina


Digital painted prop designs
Created by Danny Huynh

Props Icons

Custom painted props for concept art
Created by Svetlana Solnyshkina

Alice in Wonderland Textured

Alice in Wonderland items and props
Created by Svetlana Solnyshkina

Andy’s Apartment Exterior Props

Custom exterior alley prop designs
Created by Alexander Pavlenko

Deep Sea Weapons Set

Deepsea weapon set props
Created by Michał Sałata


Shace ship space designs
Created by Pavel Postovoit

Theme Park Props

Theme park props design work
Created by Padmini Murthy

Old Prop Artwork

Bows wooden weapons concept art
Created by Iris Muddy

Mount Targon Prop Designs

Mountain hiking concept artwork props
Created by Maisie Yang

Fantasy Forest

Fantasy rock magical item props
Created by Daniel Wearing

Gravity Field Generator Gun

Handmade gravity gun concept art
Created by Duncan Halleck

Props Painting

Asian styled concept art props
Created by Connor Widdows(@connorwidd)

Violin Workshop

Violin workshop concept art props
Created by Lindsay Towns

Totems / Props

Totem standing prop designs
Created by Sam M Mburu


Custom rock styles concept art
Created by Virginia Morelli


Artcase digital painting - prop design
Created by Milena Vasyukova

WoW: Undercity Mailbox Redesign

World of Warcraft mailbox concept art
Created by Esther Love

The Fernlings – Inventory

Concept art inventory props
Created by Johanna Rupprecht

Stones & Rocks

Various stones and rocks concept art
Created by Marcel Freyer

Environment Props

Pirate environment prop concept art
Created by Shawn Liu

Weapons, Props, Etc.

Various concept artwork prop items
Created by Joe Comeau

Personal Props

Personal furniture concept pieces
Created by Axel Barel

Cartoon Furniture

Cartoon style furniture props
Created by Baukje Jagersma

Pirate Barrel

Pirate wood barrell concept art
Created by Julien Mailly

Ghostbusters Ghost Chipper Concepts

Ghostbusters concept artwork
Created by Kyle Brown

Magic Cabinet Concepts

Harry Potter magical cabinet concept art
Created by Albert Carranza

Ramen Robot Concept

Robot prop concept artwork
Created by Cristina Koenig

Akhash’s Wheel

Prop concept armor shields
Created by Christopher Kallini

No Man’s Sky Fan Concepts

Custom plant concepts paintings
Created by Tony ‘MrKrane’ Carter

Loot Chest

Loot chest concept artwork
Created by Matthew Cartwright

The Pollinator

The pollinator cart
Created by Matteo Leng

Mage Mailbox

Magical mailbox prop concept art
Created by Jackie Fletcher

Puzzle Room Designs

Puzzle room concept art design
Created by Marika Ravi

Drone Design

Tech drone concept art painting
Created by Yixin Zhao

Beer Barrel

Beer barrell concept art prop
Created by Chan Kai Hong

Props II

Detective story concept art props
Created by Friedemann Allmenroeder

Custom Props

Building props in detail
Created by KKS

The Heart Maker

Camping style concept art props
Created by Nik Henderson

Pathfinder Props

Custom concept art weapons props
Created by James Loy Martin

My Projects

Mad scientists house props
Created by Nikita Krasnopolsky

Medieval Props

Custom medieval concept art props
Created by Sara Meseguer

Digital Props

Digital fullsize painting piece
Created by Cinthia Marsana

Environment Props

Rock environment concept painting
Created by Nicolas Dechezelles