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Learn Storyboarding and Figure Invention for Animation with Rad Sechrist

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Storyboarding is the art of storytelling with visuals. It’s a fundamental aspect of animation whether for TV or movies.

Learning to storyboard involves learning to draw, but it’s learning to draw in a way that feels more directorial in nature.

Rad Sechrist is a talented artist that has worked for studios like DreamWorks, Disney TV, and Cartoon Network. He runs his own educational courses via How To School which covers storyboarding & posing for animation.

Each semester has room for new enrollments with the current being Winter 2016, and the next in Spring 2016. Check out the class schedule for more details about each course.

rad sechrist art sketching
Art by Rad Sechrist

If the courses are too much money or seem too challenging you’ll be happy to know Rad also has a Gumroad profile with cheaper video courses.

As of now there are three individual courses each at $7. They cover basic concepts related to imaginative drawing and storyboarding like perspective, drawing heads, and male/female poses.

Check out his Gumroad page to learn more and see what he has to offer.

Rad is also active on Tumblr answering questions related to visual storytelling.

He’s an exceptionally talented artist and certainly has a lot to offer the art community.