Electric yellow robot creature
Artwork by Natalie Russo

Robot Illustrations, Concept Artwork & Character Designs

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From mechanical enemies to robot friends and lovable characters, robots are just freakin’ awesome.

Designing a robot isn’t tough but creating a unique design certainly is.

This gallery is full of clever ideas, distinct designs, and some real technical concepts of robot creatures all made as digital paintings.

Whether friend or foe, object or ally, these robot designs have a little bit of everything for the robot lover in you.

Sudden Weather

robot cute scarf fall art sketch
Created by Victor Natan

Mecha Hermes Conrad

robot hermes conrad futurama fan art
Created by Valentine Triton


robot maid character concept art sketch
Created by Brooke Druet


robot mech schythe concept art sketch
Created by Henrik Rosenborg

Gridiron Mech

robot mech gridiron player character concept art
Created by Alejandro Moreno


robot cute mech bulldozer character game art
Created by Rahul Advani


robot character bot design concept art
Created by Mack Sztaba

One-Armed Bandit

robot casino military design concept art
Created by Hamzah Ansari


robot cambot camera design concept art
Created by Thomas Pouget


robot retro alien creatures art illustration
Created by James ‘Kaktus’ Balewicz

Child Care Robots

robots child care baby tender nanny sketch art illustration
Created by Sebastian Luca

Armed Robot

robot weapon arms sketch art concept
Created by Denis Godyna

Maintenance Bot Nº: 010

robot industrial machinery sci-fi concept art
Created by Jose Damian Orozco Borrego


robot panda prototype mechanical concept art
Created by E Lynx Lin

Cyber Shaman

robot shaman cyber sci-fi concept art illustration
Created by Ivan Mikhalenko

City Of Robots

robots city sci-fi art illustration
Created by Xd Xu


robot concept art illustration doodle
Created by Aleksandr Shapovalov


robot concept art illustration sketch
Created by Natalie Russo


robot sci-fi concept art illustration drawing
Created by Luca- Kallamity- ZamprioloArtStation

Blue Robot

robot sci-fi blue yellow art illustration
Created by Geun Jang


robot flcl furi curi canti fan art
Created by Milton Arias


robot norbit character design concept art
Created by Kait Baird

Death Robot

death robot skull spacemarine art illustration
Created by David Suarez