Treasure chest concept art
Art by Lewis Brooks

Treasure Chest Concept Art Prop Design Gallery

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Whether buried on a deserted island, in a sunken ship, or at the end of a dungeon after defeating the final boss, treasure chests are an important part of any adventure.

They could be attached to tricky booby traps. Or require a magical incantation to open, or guarded by some fearsome creature!

Regardless they all have a unique look and there’s plenty of variety to go around. Here you’ll find some awesome designs for treasure chests just waiting to be plundered.

Progress Work

treasure chest concept game art
Created by Ruslan KimInstagram

Dungeon Chest

chest treasure dungeon art illustration
Created by Zhuoyang Liu

Basic Treasure

chest hat stick art concept
Created by Jose Vega

Forest Chest

chest forest druid art concept
Created by Daria Silbern

Chest of Poe

chest tomes poe holder art concept
Created by Danny Huynh

Paladin Chest

chest treasure paladin art concept
Created by Arslan Shyriiev

Skull Chest

chest skull treasure art concept
Created by Jane Katsubo

Woka Woka

chest icon game art concept
Created by Milica Todorovic

Sorcerer Chest

sorcerer chest design art concept
Created by Mark Pancham

Fantasy Chest

chest gold treasure art concept
Created by Lewis Brooks

Cursed Chest

chest curse treasure fantasy art
Created by Giorgio De Michele (Erebus)


chest toothy rpg fantasy art sketch
Created by Galina Loky

Main Character’s Chest

chest rpg fantasy sci-fi art concept sketch
Created by Nastia Polska

Mermaid’s Goods

chest underwater art concept design
Created by Eugenia Raeva


treasure chest fantasy art design
Created by Dave Wilson

Cursed Skulls

treasure chest curse skull art design
Created by Dave WilsonArtStation

Wizard’s Chest

treasure wizard's chest art design concept
Created by Krista Hilge

Hungry Treasure

treasure chest hungry art illustration
Created by Anatoliy Borisevich

Chest Of Crystals

treasure chest crystals art sketch
Created by Andry Botan

Octopus Chest

treasure chest octopus concept art sketch
Created by Dariya Dovgenko

Mimic Chest

chest mimic caharacter monster art sketch
Created by Franco Giachetti