Premier Environment Painting Tutorials by Tyler Edlin

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Self-taught artists are rarely self-taught because most great artists rely on others to teach them. As Kala recently said in her enlivening interview, self-taught artists are really artist-taught artists.

This is where videos from people like Tyler Edlin come into play. Yes free videos are always great and often provide enough to get you started. But how do you go from OK to great?

By studying the work of artists with greater precision and skill – both of which Tyler possesses in spades.

tyler edlin interior concept art
Tyler Edlin concept art

Each premium video can be purchased individually from a range of $5-$8 per video. Check out Tyler’s Gumroad page for details and pricing.

You can also find dozens of free videos on his YouTube channel or follow his updates on Twitter @gamefan84.

While he does release plenty of content on YouTube, it’s often quick studies or critiques. He publishes much more lengthy video tutorials on Gumroad at bargain-basement prices.

Artists that lean towards environment concept art will learn a lot from Tyler. For updates on new videos you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or get e-mail updates directly from Gumroad.

Here’s a promo vid for his “interior environments” painting course: