Desert terrain concept artwork
Artwork by Nicolas Chacin

Vehicle Concept Art: 30+ Examples From Cars To Airplanes (And More!)

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Name a video game or cartoon series without custom vehicles. Heck, even the Flintstones have cars!

Every creative project that comes out of Hollywood uses some type of custom vehicle design. And it goes to show just how important this specialty really is.

If you’re looking for some cool portfolio ideas or just want some inspiration for your next painting session, well you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing a handful of incredible vehicle concepts all created by various artists from around the world.

Buckle up and get browsing!


Massive 3D spaceship battle station concept
Created by Wojtek Kapusta

ILM Art Department Challenge

Sand desert speedbike concept
Created by Pablo Olivera


Skygrasper flying airship concept 3d model
Created by Hunter Walkow


Concept Art sketches for tugboats
Created by Tano Bonfanti

Fallout 4 vehicle

Fallout4 3d modeling concept
Created by Yoel Pereira López

Space Ship Designs

Long hovering spaceship design concept
Created by Yohann Schepacz

Cyberpunk Japan Self-Defense Forces Motorcycle

Cyberpunk style motorcycle vehicle concept
Created by Aaron Rugama


Quick sketches of vehicle concepts
Created by Pei Yuin Sek


Sleigh mobile vehicle concept art
Created by Adam Garrett Bunch

Vehicles and Drones

Concept art sketches - various machines and drones
Created by Gonçalo Sousa for Blushark Studios

Yellow Car

Detailed concept art 3D modeled car
Created by Alexey Starodumov

Vehicle Concepts

Truck, bus, van vehicle concept art
Created by Ino Zavvou

Sci-Fi Police Car

Scifi styled police car concept art
Created by Bryan Young

Classic Off-Road

Off-road vehicle concept art designs
Created by Sebastian Luca

Vehicle Concept

Huge 3D model - airspace vehicle hangar
Created by Saby Menyhei

Snow Vehicle

Snow terrain vehicle concept art
Created by Pablo Carpio

Rendezvous Point

Detaild 3D military floating vehicle concept
Created by Jonathan Ching

Concept Airship

High-poly tugboat floating vehicle design
Created by Alexander Eibler

Egg Vehicle

Egg shaped vehicle concept art
Created by Jakub Javora

Military Masters Vehicles

Military masters - custom concept art designs
Created by Ashish D. Joshi with DeNA Studios Canada

All-Terrain Atlas Vehicle

ATLAS - all-terain concept art vehicle
Created by Nicolas Chacin

Fuselage Truck

Truck with fuselage concept art
Created by Edgaras Cernikas

Careful with the Gambirats

Anime/cartoon styled vehicle concept
Created by Victor Bravo

Naja’s Ship

Floating flying ship concept design
Created by Madison Johnson


Flying car concept art design
Created by Rick Troula

Underwater Vehicle

Stealth vehicle designed for underwater - concept painting
Created by Encho Enchev

Delivery Vehicle

Asian-inspired delivery vehicle concept art
Created by Jodie Garner

Police Vehicle

Flying police car concept art
Created by Wang Ke

Pink Mood

Pink floating space ship design
Created by Rock D

Sting Interceptor Concept

Sting interceptor concept art
Created by Sangjo Kim


Quick sketch desert racing concept vehicle
Created by Dejan Mijatovic

Exotic Near-Future Vehicle

Futuristic floating car concept art
Created by Damon Greenhalgh

Spider Tank Concept

Spider tank concept artwork, digital painting
Created by Adam Ryu Ford