Write Posts For CAE

Do you have experience in digital art, illustration, or general concept art? Wanna publish some content here and earn some money doing it?

We’re looking for great writer/artist combos to write posts related to, well, art!

Digital art, animation, illustration, character design, concept art, 3D modeling, all that stuff.

You don’t need any experience working in entertainment art, although that’s a huge bonus. But we just wanna publish articles that really add value to the Internet & the art community. So whether you’re writing about beginner drawing tips, or freelance management or even a detailed digital painting tutorial, please make sure you’re writing an idea that’s original and valuable.

And yes, we pay for content.

So if you’re interested let us know your idea(s) for posts & your rates per article. If you’ve got any writing samples toss those in too.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for posts but here are some general guidelines:

  • Write in a fun & engaging style
  • Break up your content with headings
  • Keep paragraphs short(no more than 4 sentences)
  • Add plenty of photos if applicable(we can help with this too)

Each writer gets full credit for their content including a small bio with links to whatever you want: portfolio site, blog, and/or social accounts.

We’re gonna keep chugging away posting the best possible content we can. If you wanna contribute we’d love to hear from you.

Sounds Cool! How Do I Start?

First think of some post ideas you’d like to write. It’d be good to search our site and make sure we haven’t covered the topic yet, but we can always work together to come up with topics once you know the type of posts you’d do best with(ie. tutorials, tips, artist resources etc).

Once you’ve got some cool ideas just send us a message through the contact page. We don’t check e-mail every day but we check often enough that you should get a response within a week.

Be sure to include any background you have with entertainment art like animation, storyboarding, character design, environment painting or anything like that. Also toss in a few of your topic ideas + how much you’d charge per post or per word.