marsh swampland art
Secret in the Swamp by Michael Watts

Swamps & Marshes: Digital Environment Art Gallery

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Musty swamps are full of unique creatures and funny plants like cattails. Water soaks most of the soil and these environments offer a good mix of deep water with shallow ground.

Concept artists have designed a wide variety of swamps and marshes for video games. These are still popular environments and they’re great practice for an environment art portfolio.

Check out these examples for some high-quality concept art environment inspiration. Marshlands may be tricky to design without reference, but it’s helpful to study what others have done and add your own ideas to get some unique paintings.


green glowing swamp

Created by Jorge Jacinto


dark swamp mystery environment

Created by Nele Diel

Carnivorous Swamp Rabbits

swamp rabbits illustration concept art

Created by Abigail Muñoz


neverglades concept art

Created by Wes Wheeler

House in the Swamp

house in swamp environment

Created by Jack Gallagher

Marsh and Ruins

environment art ruins concepts

Created by Alexander Maximov

Secret in the Swamp

secret creature in the swamp

Created by Michael Watts

Medieval Swamp Town

swamp town environment art

Created by Henrik Ågren

Swamp House

swamp house habitat concept art

Created by Wojtek Kołaciński

Row, Row, Row the Boat

rowing boat through swamp water

Created by Bima Sakti


stalker in the swamp boat

Created by Adam Frank

End of the Known World

end of the swamp world

Created by Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Dank Swamp

dark swamp environment concept art

Created by Guillaume Bougeard

Swamp Encounter

swamp creature battle concept art

Created by Helder ALMEIDA


distillery in the swamp

Created by Anaïs Faure

Magic Swamp

magical swamp environment art

Created by Alexandrescu Paul V

Marfling Swamp

swamp environment teepees

Created by Adam Isailovic

Swamp’s Heart

swamps heart environment art

Created by Sofia Tyukaeva


swamp village concept art

Created by Eric Buescher

Swamp Art

swamp environment concept art

Created by Anna Sidorenko

Dark Musky Swamp

musky swamp environment art

Created by Giao Nguyen

Magic Swamp

magic swamp environment art

Created by Jonas Špokas

Swamp Castle

swamp castle environment art

Created by Daniel Johnsen


swamp speed paint environment

Created by Bryan Mahy

Creepy Swamp

creepy environment swamp

Created by David Bonilla

Stygmate’s Swamp

video game swamp ship environment

Created by Lara Bentassil

Swamp Village Concept

village in a swamp

Created by Nico Cluckers

Follow the Light

lantern swamp adventure

Created by Achilles Patsiatzis

Jungle Area

jungle area environment swamp

Created by Steve Hake

Dank Swamp

coelho environment marshland concept

Created by Steve Coelho

Mystical Swamp

mystical swamp environment art

Created by Eddie Pedro

Dark Swamp

swamps and the docks boats

Created by Rhys Harvey

Swamp Architecture

dark building ruins in swamp

Created by Richard Wright


swampy landscape

Created by Nele Diel


rareware swamp environment

Created by Ricardo Robles

The Sinking Inn

concept art inn swamp environment

Created by Daniel Voss

Swamp Concept

monolith video game swamp art

Created by Olga Antonenko

Swamp House

swamp house environment concept art

Created by Robert Ryminiecki

Magic Swamp

magical swamp creatures environment art

Created by Tiago Sousa

Cabin Swamp

cabin house in the swamp

Created by Jerico Cinco

Lone Watchtower

watchtower lighthouse in swamp

Created by Jack Gallagher


deep in the swamps

Created by Clayton Bontrager