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Loading Artist Creator Gregor Czaykowski On His Journey Into Webcomics

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Gregor Czaykowski is the very funny creator of Loading Artist, one of the best webcomics out there today.

In this brief interview we get to learn more about his workflow, how he designs his comics, and the history of how Loading Artist came into being.

If you’re big into web comics or funny drawings in general then you’ll adore this interview.

When did you first start drawing and what got you into making comics?

I started drawing back as early as I can remember.

I got into comics by reading The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and my total obsession with Garfield.


Do you have any formal art education or are you fully self-taught?

I didn’t have any proper education for drawing(though I did specialize in 3D a while when I thought I was going to be a 3D game artist).

I’m sure going to an art school is probably more beneficial than self-teaching, but it isn’t the only road. Definitely not with the Internet and the thousands of free tutorials out there.


How did the idea for Loading Artist go from idea to first comic?

I wanted to be a better artist and I figured I would stick with it better if I had the pressure of people watching my progress.

So I decided to create an art blog where I would post my updates. I called it ‘Loading Artist’ because I’m an artist in progress.

However it wasn’t too long after making the website that I thought hey you know what I should make a comic and practice my art inside of that.

Two birds with one stone sort of thing.

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How often do you sit down to come up with ideas for new comics?

Coming up with comic ideas is the thing I struggle with the most.

For some reason I can never think of an idea until the day before it’s due. I will try to sit down and brainstorm a few days in advance at least, for a couple hours at a time, but it usually isn’t until the last night that something finally puts me out of my misery.

For brainstorming sessions I usually sit down at a cafe with a coffee and sketchbook and grind it out.

Otherwise I always have my phone handy to jot down some quick digital notes if something happens to spark an idea.


What are some of the biggest changes in your workflow comparing the very first Loading Artist comic to your most recent work?

So much has changed.

The biggest change would be moving from Adobe Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint.

I am in love with my current workflow and drawing the line art is a breeze in comparison with all my new hotkeys and techniques.

Specifically using Vector layers for my lines has been the biggest game changer as it allows me to manipulate a line with ease and even do things like quickly erase the parts I don’t want.

That’s actually the main thing people ask about when they tune into my stream. I should make a tutorial.


When did you get onto Patreon and how has that experience been for you?

I hopped onto Patreon pretty early in March 2014 and it has been really good.

I’ve been very lucky to have such a supportive following.

As for thoughts on how to better utilize Patreon, hmm.. probably by keeping the rewards reasonable in terms of how long it will take you to fulfill, as they can pile up quickly and your main work might suffer.

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Outside of comics do you practice any other type of artwork?

Outside of my comics the only other art I do is stuff for my Twitch stream be it either the animated overlay, or the emotes, or gaming wallpapers for the games we play.

I don’t draw very much outside the comics.


What are some of your favorite webcomics out there?

My favourite webcomics are Extra Ordinary Comics because it’s drawn well and has a surreal/wholesome aspect to it(also she’s my best friend and isn’t forcing me to write this at all).

As well as Safely Endangered(funny, very pleasing style).

A good comic to me is one that doesn’t have too many words and is succinct.

I also appreciate comics that go beyond two people staring at each other with mouths ajar.

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Lastly can you share any final advice for aspiring comic artists?

Just start.

I get a lot of questions about how to come up with a “style” or how to prepare thinking about making a comic and blah blah blah- just start.

Your first stuff will suck, probably. But that’s okay.

Make it, move on, make some more.

Don’t feel attached to your early work. Realize you’re learning and improving.

Special thanks to Gregor for his time on this! A fun look into the mind of one of my favorite web comics today.

If you wanna check out some of his latest work you can visit Loading Artist online and support the comic via Patreon.

Or if you’d like more immediate updates you can follow on Instagram or on Twitter @LoadingArtist.

PS. If you’re a super big fan of Loading Artist you should definitely check out the store too. It’s full of awesome merch from some of Gregor’s best comics.