Lich concept creature
Artwork by Cuong Le Manh

Lich Creature Concept Art Gallery For Design Ideas

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Undead creatures litter the landscape of fantasy stories. You can find lich designs through our decades of games and movies, each with their own unique twists on this concept.

If you’re looking for cool lich ideas then this gallery is for you. It’s got work from some amazing artists with plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Lady Deathwhisper

lich creature death fan art WoW
Created by Mari S

Cosmos RPG: Sci-Fi Lich

lich sci-fi artwork concept
Created by Olie Boldador

A Lich

lich art concept illustration undead
Created by Paolo Puggioni

Molten Lich King

lich molten fantasy art concept
Created by Jeff Chen

The Lich Shogun

lich shogun lichking illustration art
Created by Thomas Ho


lich undead sketch art concept
Created by sergio faguao


lich frost lichking illustration art concept
Created by Peter Shepherd

Guardian of the Old Wood

lich centaur creature undead illustration art
Created by Ryan Kennedy


lich character concept illustration art
Created by Sergio Abalo


lich skeleton undead concept sketch art
Created by Lachlan Bourne


lich skeleton wander forest art concept
Created by Milan Bourgeon

Lich Pack

lich pack dota art concept
Created by Cuong Le Manh


lich fantasy warlock undead art illustration
Created by Kristina Pavlovic

Skull Lich

lich fantasy skeleton art illustration concept
Created by Lucas Flicky

Hellboy The Lich

lich zombie hellboy undead art illustration
Created by Vladimir Kafanov

Egyptian Lich

lich egiptian pharaoh art illustration concept
Created by Tania Sanchez-Fortun