Dinosaur concept art
Artwork by Matt Chapman

Dinosaurs And Extinct Creatures: Concept Art & Illustration Work

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From the triassic period and beyond paints the evolution of life on planet Earth. Dinosaurs represent a big part of history with many incredible creatures spanning millions of years.

Because there aren’t any living dinosaurs today(thankfully) it’s difficult for artists to capture the true likliness of these animals. But from fossil records and reconstructive illustration it’s possible to imagine what some dinosaurs might look like.

This gallery is the perfect place to find dinosaurs in concept artwork and digital illustrations.


dinosaur t-rex sketch concept art
Created by Anton Grechko


dinosaur ceratopsids concept art illustration
Created by Anton Grechko

Woolly Mammoth

mammoth woolly prehistoric beasts art sketch
Created by Noumier Tawilah


beast fantastic creature alien concept art
Created by Jörg Helfrich


beast dinosaur creature prehistoric concept art
Created by Chris Lomaka


beast dinosaur creature rhino crocodile prehistoric concept art
Created by Matt Chapman

Predator Dino

dinosaur predator prehistoric character concept art
Created by Vlad Impala

Dinosaur Sauropod

dinosaur sauropod prehistoric neck concept art illustration
Created by Greg Cirade


dinosaur mosasaurus underwater concept art illustration
Created by Paulo Leite

Return Of The Rex King

dinosaurs prehistoric ancient stone age art illustration
Created by Cory Mathis


dinosaur druid character art concept illustration
Created by Guilherme Martins

Little Devil

dinosaur child diabloceratop art drawing illustration
Created by Alberto Camara

Sneak Attack

dinosaur attack underwater art concept character illustration
Created by Sarah Stanaland

Baby Raptors

dinosaur raptors baby creature art illustration
Created by Junaidi Lim


dinosaur pterodactyl creature art character illustration
Created by Ema Klucovska

Watering XenoBull

dinosaur creature character sci-fi art concept
Created by Andrea Di Natale

Agapornis Raptor

dinosaur creature character art concept
Created by Nines Amaro


dinosaur creature spinosaur prehistoric art concept
Created by Nemanja Bubalo

Head In The Clouds

dinosaur fantasy creature ride art illustration
Created by Dominik Mayer


dinosaur raptor creature art drawing
Created by Adam Milicevic


dinosaur magnaraptor creature art concept game
Created by RJ Palmer


dinosaur city dinotopia trubute art sci-fi
Created by Marta Nael


dinosaur nature creature monster concept art
Created by Chris Karbach


dinosaur fossil skull horns concept art
Created by Leo de Moura

Crest Raptor

dinosaur raptor crest concept art
Created by Andy Chin

The Old Bull

dinosaur diabloceratops creature art illustration
Created by Raph Lomotan

Dino Rider

dinosaur creature rider woman art illustration
Created by Ty Romsa


dinosaur acrocanthosaurus creature concept art
Created by Aaron Miller

Quetzalcoatlus Rider

dinosaur pterodactyl creature ride woman art illustration
Created by Ramzi FirhadArtStation

Nemesya: Garak’naeris

dinosaur monster mount creature concept art
Created by Romain Defélix

Jungle Ambush

dinosaur hunting ambush creature art illustration
Created by Jordy Knoop