medieval gate painting
Journey's End by Omercan Cirit

Medieval Buildings And Towns For Concept Art Inspiration

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Gothic architecture & interiors were popular in the middle ages of European history. The medieval design style borrows traits from this era to create much more realistic artwork.

Concept artists in search of medieval environment design or architecture will find plenty of inspiration in this gallery. Each painting links back to the source with a byline credit to the artist.

Medieval Town

medieval town concept art
Created by Robin Tran

Winter Fortress

winter fortress concept art
Created by Stephen Najarianportfolio site

Lost City of the Third Eye

lost city environment art
Created by Marcus Orienteportfolio site

Gothic Interior

gothic interior library concept art
Created by Angelo Personportfolio site

Journey’s End

castle gates concept art
Created by Omercan Cirit


borough concept art inspiration
Created by Kamil Sroka


marketplace medieval concept art design
Created by Kenneth Camaro

Gate House

medieval gate house concept
Created by Sihun Park


basement game concept art
Created by David Puerta Altes and Juan Canceleri

The King

battle the king medieval art
Created by Erik Nykvistportfolio site


medieval city slums artwork
Created by Pablo Dominguezportfolio site

Down into the Crypts

temple ruins interior crypts concept
Created by James Lillichportfolio site

City Wall

medieval city wall environment art
Created by Kenneth Camaro

Window View

medieval window view concept art
Created by Marcos Antonio Silvaportfolio site

Guardian Knights

church guardian knights concept art
Created by Thomas L├ępineportfolio site

The Exiled

exiled siege concept art
Created by Tomasz Jedruszekportfolio site

Medieval New Town

new town crowd gather concept art
Created by Clement Buisson

Prison District

prison district concept art environment
Created by Kamil Sroka

Medieval House

architecture house exterior concept art
Created by You Jeong Cho

Mountain City

mountain city landscape concept
Created by Tomas Muirportfolio site

Valendor Square

valendor square city environment concept art
Created by Pablo Dominguez

The Journey

journey environment artstation concept art
Created by Jordan Grimmerportfolio site

To learn more about this last artist Jordan Grimmer you can read his great interview that goes in-depth about his concept art career.