Pirate character concept art
Artwork by Victor Maury

Pirate Character Designs For Concept Art & Vis Dev Art Ideas

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The mere sight of the Jolly Roger would never fail to strike fear into the hearts of anyone. And since we learned to sail pirates have terrorized the seas.

Whether plundering treasure in the Caribbean or in outer space, feast your eyes on these incredible pirate & buccaneer concept designs, ya landlubber!

Hardened Pirate

pirate corsair portrait art concept
Created by Rohan Baikar

Pirate Dad

pirate character design cannon art concept
Created by Natalie Behle


pirate tentacles octopus battle ship art illustration
Created by Roman Tishenin

Pirate Queen

pirate female character tree art illustration concept
Created by Michael Myers

Bring Me That Horizon

pirate filibuster female spyglass character art concept
Created by Rachel Kline

Cyborg Pirate

pirate cyborg character design art illustration
Created by Gus Batts

Pirate Captain Circe

pirate female character design art illustration concept
Created by Amanda Ramsey

Ghost Pirates

pirates ghosts weapon arms concept art sketch

White Tiger

pirate female tiger tent art illustration

Wheeled Pirate

pirate character wheel amputee parrot art
Created by Eric Spitler

Ginger Pirate

pirate character ginger amputee monkey art design
Created by Roman Dosyn


pirate character parrot biscuit art design
Created by Martina Petrova

Draw A Treasure Map

pirate gignger treasure chest art illustration
Created by Martina Petrova

Saltwater Scourge

pirate corsair character handgun riot art illustration
Created by Victor Maury

Lady Pirate

pirate female lady character art concept
Created by muck muck

Sea ​​Wolf

pirate character parrot saber art concept
Created by Juriy Bondar

Baboon Pirate

pirate baboon captain sailor character art illustration
Created by Isa Falcó

Legendary Pirate

pirate captain female character concept art
Created by Maria Provotorova

Captain Snowbeard

pirate captain cat furry eyepatch character design art
Created by Tatsiana Maksimuk

Mosaic Pirate

pirate mosaic skull rum sword character concept art
Created by Vlad Haievoi

Hoary Pirate

pirate hoary gray-haired bomb sword art illustration
Created by Ilia Gogolin

Black Pirate

pirate sword character art illustration
Created by Jeongyoon Park

Blackpowder Pete

pirate blackbeard character design art illustration
Created by Antoine Petit

Dieselpunk Pirate

pirate dieselpunk character design art concept
Created by Alba Jaen

Femme Fatale

pirate female character sword cannon fantasy art concept
Created by Brandon McDonald

El Pirata

pirate moustaches sword treasure character art
Created by Joel Santana

The Captain

pirate captain fantasy horn character art illustration
Created by Iliyan Tzvetanov

Frankey Appleton

pirate ginger bottle rum character art
Created by Amandine Flahaut