battle axe concepts
Artwork by Imanol Delgado

Battle Axe Weapon Gallery For Concept Art Inspiration

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Every major battle game usually has weapons. From modern guns to classic swords or even magical staves there’s a treasure trove of virtual weapons to play with.

In this gallery I’m focusing on battle axes with brilliant concept art from dozens of artists. Each piece links to the original design on ArtStation & you’ll find the full artist info underneath each pic.

If you’re searching for cool battle axe designs then your search is finally over.

Axe Designs

custom axe design ideas
Created by Amy Cornelson – Copyright © Beamdog

Euron Greyjoy’s Battle Axe

game of thrones battle axe fanart
Created by Alex PittArtStation


warhammer axe concept
Created by Connor HollisArtStation


battle axe concepts
Created by Danielle Vivian


strong metal axes
Created by Ekta Patra

Tanvaasa Axe

custom wrapped battle axe concepts
Created by Imanol Delgado

Throwing Axe

throwing axe concept
Created by Chris Bishop

Dark Axe

dark sage magician axes
Created by Aleksandar Mihajlovic

Custom Axe

simple axe weapon concept art
Created by Rockheart StudiosArtStation

Warlords of Draenor Axe

one-handed battle axe
Created by Emre KarabacakArtStation

Orc Axe

orc axe battle concept
Created by Anna KoltsovaArtStation

Dwarf Axe

dwarf axe battle concept fanart
Created by Jordan SpinksArtStation

Dragon Skull Axe

dragon skull battle axe concept
Created by Joseph Belanger

Infested Axe

warframe concept art battle axe
Created by Marco HasmannArtStation

Battle Axe

battle axe weapons
Created by Martin Hones

Primitive Hatchet

survival hatchet weapon art
Created by Edvin Wendén

Odin’s Raven Axe

odin raven axe battle
Created by Stephen Witt

Stylized Harvesters Axe

3d harvester axe concept art
Created by Mats MyrvoldInstagram

Weapons Process

battle axe painting concept process
Created by Greg Mack

Stylized Axe

stylized axe 3d concept
Created by Domonic Barley

Axe Practice

axe concept practice
Created by Brian Trochim