maneating plant design
Ghaorja created by Feig Felipe Pérez

Man-Eating Plant Concept Art Gallery

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The man-eating plant has been around in fantasies and storytelling since beyond antiquity. It’s a typical enemy creature used in video games especially in jungle environments.

Since most plants feed off soil nutrients it can be fun to imagine carnivorous plants. Concept artists have a tough job when designing creatures, but it helps to study past works to gather ideas and build your visual library.

Check out this gallery of vicious man-eating plants to see what other designers have come up with.

Savage Plant

savage plan man eater
Created by Matthew Mizakportfolio site

Forgotten Ritual

forgotten plant eater
Created by Edoardo “Salvej” Campagnolo

Plant Concepts

man eating plants concepts
Created by Derek Tanis


serrocculli man eater plant
Created by Dalton PencarinhaInstagram

Croco Plant

croco plant creature art
Created by David Thor Fjalarssonportfolio site

Jagger Plant

jagged thorn plant eater
Created by Yohann Ferme

Carnivorous Plant

carnivorous plant colorful design
Created by Denis Rutsky


man eating plant
Created by Feig Felipe Pérez

Panic in the Garden

botanical garden plant design
Created by Javier Ramos

Whale Plant

whale plant illustration design
Created by Michael Wiech

Carnivorous Plant

video game creature man eating plant
Created by Daniel Leeportfolio site