Golem creature concepts
Artwork by Heriberto Martinez

Roaming Golems and Giants: Concept Art Creature Design Gallery

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The idea of a golem is simple: a living being created from inorganic matter.

Plenty of video games feature golems as creatures for enemy battles or bosses, all of which range from earth golems to water golems and everything else.

If you’re hoping to design your own golems or just wanna look over some inspiration artwork then this gallery is sure to please. I’ve featured some wacky designs here that’ll really push your imagination beyond its limits.

Leaf Golem

speedpainting of leaf golem
Created by Baukje Jagersma

Protecting Golem

Golem protecting a fox
Created by Alicia de Andres

Earth-Ice Mix

Earth and Ice Golem Concept
Created by Dimitar BochukovArtStation


Rock Golem Boss Creature
Created by Seet TingPeng

Golem vs Wizard

Rock golem vs wizard
Created by ooki Draws


Adamastor golem speedpainting
Created by Artur MóscaArtStation


Tree Golem Creature Art
Created by Piotr Tekień

A Gentle Giant Spirit

Gentle giant golem creature concept
Created by Dina NorlundArtStation

In The Making

Creating a golem from scratch
Created by Andre ForniArtStation

Destroying The Town

Rock Golem Attacking Village
Created by Joshua Carrenca

Grave Golem

graveyard golem creature art
Created by Heriberto Martinez

A Boy And His Golem

Little Boy Riding A Golem Creature
Created by Daria WidermanskaArtStation

Slow Earth Golem

Green wooden earth golem creature
Created by Nele DielArtStation

Angrystone and Seedling

Shardbound Concept Art Earth Golem
Created by Florian Coudray & Christophe Famaro

Rock Spirit

dark and green rock spirit creature
Created by Veli NyströmArtStation


Painting golem with golem dog creature
Created by Vladislav Orlowski

Guardian of the Valley

Guardian Of The Valley Golem Concept Art
Created by Manwook Kim